RAM Mounts 1.75 inches Aluminum Socket Arm for 1-inch  inchesB inches Balls

The RAM Mounts Aluminum 1.75" Socket Arm is a coupler that allows for a ball-and-socket connnection between two RAM Mounts 1-inch diameter "B" size balls.

This coupler is manufactured of lightweight marine-grade aluminum with a composite handle and stainless steel fittings.

RAM Mounts's socket technology allows for almost infinite adjustment and perfect viewing angles.

This coupler can be added to a KLA-5012 Rigid Base if you wish to create your own mount assembly.

For example, you can add this arm to the rigid base, and then add a KLA-5004 Video Adaptor Base atop the arm, producing a rigid video mount similar to our ParkerMount (without the Toughbar extension).

RAM Extension Arm

RAM Mounts 1.75" Socket Arm

RAM Mount Components (included)

RAM DBL SOCKET ARM B BALL Material: marine-grade lightweight aluminum, composite handle

  • Model: KLA-5043