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RAM Mounts 2.875 inches Aluminum Socket Arm for 1-inch  inchesB inches Balls

The RAM Mounts Aluminum 2.875" Socket Arm is a coupler that allows for a ball-and-socket connnection between two RAM Mounts 1-inch diameter "B" size balls.

This arm is manufactured of marine-grade lightweight aluminum with a composite handle and stainless steel fittings

RAM's socket technology allows for almost infinite adjustment and perfect viewing angles.

This coupler can be added to our KLA-5012 Rigid Base if you wish to create your own mount assembly.

For example, you can add this arm to the rigid base, and then add a KLA-5004 Video Adaptor Base atop the arm, producing a rigid video mount similar to our ParkerMount (without the Toughbar extension).

A significant advantage of this coupler over our 1.75" Socket Coupler Arm (in addition to an extra inch of length) is in its spring-loaded tensioning system. You can loosen this socket arm with a single hand, holding the assembly that you wish to remove or insert with the other hand. The spring's pressure ensures that the lower socket (on the lower ball) will remain pinched, preventing unintended detachment of the socket arm from the lower ball.

This socket arm can be substituted for the arm included with Kayalu product that normally are assembled with the shorter KLA-5013, including our nClamp™ and ParkerMount™ products. We include this socket arm as a standard product with our RAM Locking Suction mounts.

RAM Extension Arm

RAM Mounts 2.875" Socket Arm

RAM Mount Components (included)

Material: marine-grade lightweight aluminum, composite handle

  • Model: KLA-5040
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