RAM Mounts 4.63 inches Aluminum Arm for 1.5-inch  inchesC inches Balls

The RAM Mounts 4.63" Arm is a coupler that allows for a ball-and-socket connnection between two RAM Mounts 1.5" diameter "C" balls.

The two sockets of this arm can grip any RAM "C" ball including a "C" ball base, a triple-suction platform with "C" ball or a Kayalu Contour Adapting Suction platform with "C" ball.

RAM's socket technology allows for almost infinite adjustment and perfect viewing angles.

This arm is spring-loaded, allowing for repositioning and tightening with a single hand.

This arm is manufactured of marine-grade aluminum with stainless steel fittings and a composite handle. It is intended for saltwater and freshwater use.

  • Model: KLA-5058