The RAM Mounts "C" to "B" Adaptor Arm allows gear poles compatible with RAM Mounts 1.5-inch "C" balls (i.e. a Kayalu Surfpole) to host devices and cradles using a RAM Mounts 1-inch "B" ball.

The 2.875" arm included with this adaptor is manufactured of marine-grade lightweight aluminum. Its handle is composite polymer, resistant to harsh sunlight and UV. The arm is spring loaded, enabling operation with a single hand.

The double-ball in this adaptor is assembled by Kayalu using RAM Mounts components, coupled together and fused using Loctite® threadlocker. The double-ball is manufactured of marine-grade lightweight aluminum, with a powder-coating to provide adequate grip friction.

The C-to-B adaptor has a secondary feature in that it provides an additional degree of freedom to the Surfpole (or other assembly).

For more information about the RAM Mounts "C" to "B" Adaptor Arm read Product Details.

  • Model: KLA-5048
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