RAM Mounts Composite Fishing Rod Tube, Aluminum Base, Mounting Hardware

The RAM Mounts "rocket launcher" type fishing rod tube holds your rod securely while you fish or troll with your kayak or boat.

This product includes RAM's high-strength composite fishing rod tube and ball-and-socket coupler, RAM's powder-coated aluminum "C" ball base and our mounting hardware.

The ball-and-socket coupler at the base of this rod tube is secured to the marine-grade aluminum RAM Mounts 1.5-inch "C" ball, which is bolted to your kayak or boat. Along with the base, we include stainless steel mounting hardware (bolts, washers, locknuts). We also include a steel drill bit perfectly sized for snugly screwing in the bolts.

If you already have a RAM "C" ball base installed on your kayak or boat, or if you are purchasing this rod holder along with a Radpole kit (already including the base) you can order the same high-strength composite rod tube from our catalog without the base. To order this rod tube without the base, visit the "Fishing Gear" category in our catalog and locate Kayalu Model Number KLA-5027.

Tube Inner Diameter: 1.71" (4.3 cm)
Tube Length: 10.0" (25 cm)
Height from bottom of Coupler: 14.75" (38 cm)
Height from bottom of Base: 16.75" (43 cm)

To download base installation diagram, click here.


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  • Model: KLA-5026