RAM Mounts Triple Suction Mount with 1.5-inch  inchesC inches Ball

Kayalu Suction Platform on Kayak

The RAM Mounts Triple-Suction mount is capable of gripping securely to a planar surface such as the deck of a boat or a flat deck area of a sit-on-top kayak.

Atop the mount is a marine-grade aluminum RAM Mounts 1.5-inch "C" ball for attaching a wide variety of gear including Kayalu Surfpole™ and Radpole™ multipurpose gear poles, camera mounts, fishing rod holders and tubes, fishfinder and GPS cradles and more.

The RAM Mounts Triple Suction mount is assembled by Kayalu exclusively using premium quality marine-grade RAM components. Each component part is constructed of high-strength composite and marine-grade aluminum. The mount includes Kayalu accessories including a nylon-coated tether and steel breech clip.

For an alternative to this suction mount capable of adhering to a contoured surface such as the forward deck of a sea kayak, see our RAM Mounts Triple Suction Contour-adapting Platform.

Note: We do not manufacture, sell or recommend the use of ANY suction-cup based product for use on life-safety gear, particularly navigation lights which may be mounted out of reach or out of view of a paddler or boater.

If you are planning on using this suction mount with the Radpole™ multipurpose gear pole to support a camera, video and other accessories we recommend the supplemental installation of a (bolted) RAM "C" Ball on the stern when using the Radpole to host a navigation light.

Quality assurance tests performed on the RAM Mounts locking suction mount have demonstrated extraordinary reliability for mounting electronic accessories. We provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all products that integrate RAM Mounts Locking Suction hardware.

  • Model: KLA-5034