RAM Mounts  inchesB inches Wedge adaptor for Attwood and Fish-On Mounts

The RAM Ball Wedge Mount adaptor converts your existing Attwood or Fish-On mount opening or sail port to host an array of Kayalu and RAM accessories. This wedge mount is also sized to fit into RAM Mounts Fish Rod & Tube Holder bases.

Simply slide the wedge into the round opening of your existing base, rod holder or sail port and tighten the screw. The RAM Ball Wedge expands to accommodate holes from 3/4"- 7/8" diameter and locks in tight.

The RAM Ball Wedge Mount adaptor sports a standard RAM 1" B-size ball.

Once installed, you have the perfect way to mount anything from Kayalu and RAM including any Kayalu ParkerMount and nClamp, camera mount, video mount, GPS, cell phone, RAM cup holder, fishfinder, which can all be supported and perfectly positioned.

With the additional purchase of a ball-and-socket coupler the Wedge Mount is instantly compatible with the Kayalu Toughbar — ready to accept your own device cradle, camera ball or mount on top. See our extras for recommended high-strength composite couplers.

Kayalu is an authorized Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of RAM Mounting Systems.

We ship all RAM components and products fully assembled and tested.

Compatible with:
Attwood bases
Fish-On bases
RAM Mounts Fish Rod & Tube Rod Holder bases

Material: high-strength composite
Hardware (included): marine grade stainless steel with nylon-insert locknut

  • Model: KLA-5017-B
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