SOT-Master 22 inches GoPro Hero Mount for RAM Mounts 1.5 inches C Ball Base

Kayalu SOT-Master GoPro camera mount for sit-on-top kayaks

The SOT-Master GoPro Hero mount is a ruggedized mount for decks having one or more existing RAM Mounts 1.5" C Balls already available.

At its head, the SOT-Master GoPro mount has a fiberglass composite adaptor compatible with all GoPro Hero camera models (adaptor shown below left). Because this adaptor fits the GoPro housing directly, the GoPro tripod adaptor ordinarily required to mount a Hero on a camera mount is not required.

This mount is articulated at 4 independent ball-and-socket joints, providing an extraordinary level of versatility in positioning the camera.

Kayalu SOT-Master GoPro Hero/Hero2/Hero3/Hero4 camera mount for sit-on-top kayaks

We've named this GoPro mount the "SOT-Master" because it was built based on feedback from our sit-on-top kayak customers, many of whom already use high-quality RAM C ball bases for fishing rod holders, fishfinders and other RAM Mounts compatible marine gear.

The SOT-Master is assembled using 100% RAM components, no ABS plastic, with Kayalu fittings and a stainless steel Kayalu Toughbar extension arm. The SOT-Master is intended for use in saltwater and freshwater environments, as well as all indoor and outdoor applications.

RAM Mounts GoPro Hero, Hero2, Hero3, Hero4 B Ball adaptor

Like many other Kayalu camera mounts, the SOT-Master can be reconfigured or extended with additional RAM or Kayalu components. For example, the Toughbar arm (included) can be removed if you need a shorter GoPro mount. The camera ball can be removed to allow the mount to host a RAM Mounts GPS, iPhone cradle or a standard camera ball with a tripod screw (to fit other cameras or the GoPro tripod adaptor). The SOT-Master itself is also ideal for hosting a Kayalu Navbeam 360° navigation light.

The SOT-Master is unparalleled in rugged reliability. Kayalu products are tested to survive unintended capsizes in surf.

Height from deck to base of camera: 22" (56 cm)
Weight: 16 oz (450 g)

More about the RAM Mounts adaptor ball for GoPro Hero cameras... The GoPro adaptor ball eliminates the need for a factory GoPro tripod adaptor and additional components on the mount to screw into the tripod adaptor. For active paddlers and outdoor enthusiasts, this GoPro adaptor ball provides a virtually loss-proof method of attachment between camera and mount while allowing for quick release of the camera, eliminating the possibility of the Hero unscrewing at the base of the factory GoPro tripod adaptor. Secondly, the adaptor ball's stainless steel bolt and nylon-insert locknut further eliminate the possibility of loss of the Hero by its use of a locknut in place of the standard GoPro thumbscrew and acorn nut.

IMPORTANT: The GoPro adaptor ball is constructed of fiberglass composite, significantly more rugged than the thin ABS plastic used to manufacture the factory GoPro tripod adaptor. This GoPro adaptor ball includes its own stainless steel hardware -- bolt, washer and locknut. These hardware components work in friction with the GoPro Hero housing and are HIGHLY RECOMMENDED as an alternative to the GoPro thumb-screw in order to provide a tighter, loss-proof method of attachment between the camera and mount.

NOTE: The RAM Mounts 1.5" C Ball base is not included with this mount. To order a base with stainless steel mounting hardware, click here.

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