Track Mount Eye

The Kayalu KLA-5072 Track Mount Eye enables a Kayalu "Secure-Attach" product (Kayalite, Kayacam, etc.) to be easily clipped to, mounted securely on, and detached from any standard kayak/canoe gear track.

The Track Mount Eye can be used on wide and narrow gear tracks. No additional components are needed for mounting a Kayalite on a wide gear track, one having a minimum width of at least 1.5 inch (4 cm)

For narrow gear tracks, we've developed a do-it-yourself solution (further described below) that creates a durable and stable mounting platform under the Track Mount Eye, perfectly suited for the Kayalite base to mate with.

The Kayalu Track Mount Eye is manufactured of premium marine-grade Type 304 stainless steel, compatible with all freshwater and saltwater applications.

A removable spacer included with the Track Mount Eye protects the track surface from scratches. The track nut included with the Track Mount Eye has a width of .47" (12mm), compatible with all standard tracks.

Mounting a Kayalite on a Wide Gear Track

The Track Mount Eye can be used for mounting a Kayalite directly on top of any gear track having a track upper surface width of at least 1.5 inch (4 cm). An example of a gear track with a wide upper surface is shown in the image below.

Example wide gear tracks having an upper surface width of at least 1.5 inch (4 cm) include:

• YakAttack® MightyMount XL™ Track
• RAM Mounts® Tough-Track™ Top-Loading Composite
• Scotty® Low Profile Gear Track

Mounting a Kayalite on a Narrow Gear Track

When mounting a Kayalite on a narrow gear track, one having a mounting surface of under 1.5 inch (4 cm) as shown below, we've developed a simple but very effective DIY solution using our Track Mount Eye along with 1 or 2 unused CD-ROMs as a stabilizing platform.

Example narrow gear tracks having a width of less than 1.5 inch (4 cm) include:

• YakAttack® Gear Trac (all models including Generation II shown above)
• RAM Mounts® Tough-Track™
• Scotty® Plastic Slide Track

To read our FAQ with more information on our do-it-yourself mounting solution for narrow gear tracks, Click Here.

Securing a Kayalu Track Eye on a Top-Loading Gear Track

When using gear tracks that have a wide opening to allow for top-loading of gear (example below: Wilderness Systems SlideTrax™), the track nut of the Kayalu Track Eye may appear as narrow within the track, sliding loosely and easily removed. When the Track Eye is tightened down, however, the track nut will turn diagonally within the track. Once the track nut is turned diagonally, two corners of the track nut will grab the inside of the rail to securely mate the Track Eye to the track.

Note that the track shown above is a narrow track. We would recommend increasing the size of the mounting area using our DIY solution above (see "Mounting a Kayalite on a Narrow Gear Track").

  • Model: KLA-5072