marine mount for Canon D10 and waterproof camera

Kayacam® Portable Camera Mount

Kayacam camera mount for GoPro Hero

Finally, your treasured camera — for example a waterproof GoPro Hero or Contour Roam can accompany you on every aquatic adventure.

The Kayacam allows you to firmly and securely mount any compact digital camera on your boat, kayak deck or moving vehicle.

Working as an assembly of integrated components, the Kayacam's articulated ball-and-socket head provides 360-degree panning and tilting flexibility.

The Kayacam mast and base are engineered with our patented "secure-attach" tension mounting system. You simply clip the Kayacam to a fixed point on deck, pull the cord taut and cleat it off on the mast.

With a Kayacam, there's no concern about a suction cup losing its vacuum, adhesive to degenerate in sunlight, or rigid base requiring major alterations to your deck.

Best of all, the Kayacam is a completely portable, waterproof monopod, detaching and re-attaching to any small eyelet on your deck surface, in seconds.

The Monopod Balanced for Compact Cameras

The Kayacam's tension-based mounting system is engineered to support cameras (and other payloads) within specific weight ranges.

On boats under power or sail, canoes, sculls and dinghies, the Kayacam is recommended for mounting cameras of up to 9 ounces (257 g).

On kayaks or surfaces routinely subject to rocking, jarring impact or sudden pitching, the Kayacam must be clipped to a fixed point (an eyelet or deck loop, for example) on a flat area of the kayak's deck.

For paddling and other active uses where the Kayacam is anticipated to hold firm against leveraged forces, the Kayacam supports compact digital cameras of up to 7 ounces (199 g) — similar in size and weight to GoPro® Hero cameras.

Example Camera Weights: The waterproof Canon Powershot D10, at above left, weighs 6.7 ounces (191 g). The waterproof Sanyo Xacti compact video camera weighs 8 ounces (228 g).

For reliability in harsh environments, the Kayacam is the perfect choice.

Kayalu Kayacam head with RAM Mounts hardware
Sea Kayak Kayacam video

To produce the toughest, most versatile outdoor camera monopod available, we've partnered with RAM Mounting Systems Inc., the premiere manufacturer of mounts deployed for use in harsh outdoor environments and challenging applications.

Our classic Kayacam is available with a universal adaptor head (shown at left), compatible with all cameras accepting a standard tripod screw, as well as GoPro's Tripod Adaptor for Hero cameras.

This Kayacam head sports a marine-grade, powder-coated aluminum ball with an ISO-compliant 1/4"-20 camera screw and a double-socket arm with an easy-tighten handle. We've even added an EPDM rubber bushing to protect your camera.

New! A Kayacam engineered for GoPro Hero (all models)

Kayacam kayak camera mount for GoPro Hero

As shown at right, our new Kayacam GPH is custom engineered for GoPro Hero cameras.

The Kayacam GPH has an adaptor ball that connects directly to a GoPro Hero housing without the need for a 1/4"-20 tripod screw or the GoPro Tripod Adaptor.

The adaptor ball at the head of the Kayacam GPH, manufactured by RAM Mounts, offers a number of significant advantages over a universal mount.

For one, by eliminating the need for a GoPro Tripod Adaptor the Kayacam's adaptor also eliminates the possibility of the Hero unscrewing from its base while in use. Secondly, the Kayacam GPH's adaptor ball is manufactured of fiber composite, more durable in construction than the plastic GoPro Tripod Adaptor.

Not sure whether to purchase a "classic" Kayacam or Kayacam GPH? Problem solved — the balls are completely interchangeable, available separately.

Toss the clunky mounts, unwieldy poles and suction cups overboard.

You should never find yourself offshore with a camera mount that could easily break or detach on impact. Reliable operation of your portable accessories must be a critical consideration.

The Kayacam stands alone — stable and strong, yet flexible enough to ride the pitch and roll of a boat in rough seas — it's even capable of recovering from a sudden, jarring impact.

Once the Kayacam's steel clip is attached to your vessel, it will remain attached even when its shock cord is loosened, further protecting your valuable equipment from accidental loss.

The Kayacam is buoyant, so if you're using it in combination with an unsinkable waterproof camera (as most are), you won't have to be concerned if the mount and camera accidentally fall overboard.

The Kayacam was designed to address risks and challenges associated with every other portable and semi-permanent camera mount, monopod and tripod available.

Issues inherent in the design of competitive camera mounts include:

  • the inability of suction cups to adhere to rough, scratched or compromised surfaces
  • poorly engineered mounting brackets requiring multiple drill holes and points of attachment
  • the potential for interference or injury on rigid brackets and support structures
  • the deterioration of critical components such as suction cups, PVC tubing and seals with prolonged exposure to ultraviolet light in sunlight
  • the rapid oxidation and corrosion of components when exposed to salt in seawater and brackish water

The Kayacam rises to these challenges, and many more.

How does the Kayacam attach to my deck?   (view demo & video)

Attaching the Kayacam to an eyebolt on the kayak
no suction cup mount required

Our patented fastening system clips beneath the Kayacam's base to an existing eyelet, deck loop or pad eye, or other fixed point of attachment.

Once clipped, the Kayacam's shock cord is pulled taut and cinched.

To maintain stability, the Kayacam requires attachment to a flat surface having a minimum 4" (10 cm) diameter. The Kayacam is not designed for curved or peaked surfaces.

If you would like to install an eyelet on your deck, we offer a marine-grade Eyebolt Kit with do-it-yourself instructions.

A foam cushion under the Kayacam's protects the surface from scratches and absorbs the shock of unnecessary impacts.

Click here to view a video and step-by-step info describing how the Kayacam is mounted.

Kayalu Kayacam Portable Camera Monopod Specifications

Kayacam KCM-3000 Specifications

Mast Material: textured black ABS
Base Cushion Material: EVA foam
Camera Bushing: 1/4" EPDM Rubber
Fastener: plated steel breech clip
Mast Hardware: marine-grade stainless steel
Bungee Cable: saltwater-resistant nylon coated
Bungee Rings: marine-grade stainless steel
Locking Mechanism: jam cleat
U.S. Pats.#8,651,440, #8,814,111

RAM Mount Components (included)
RAM 1" BALL W/ 1/4"-20 ALUM. STUD
Material: Powder Coated Marine Grade Aluminum

Material: High Strength Composite

Material: High Strength Composite

General Specifications
Height: 14.5 in. (37 cm)
Weight: 10.5 oz. (299 g)


Available now in our online catalog, $49.95.

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