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Exclusive to purchases and shipments within the United States and Canada

Within one year of your purchase of any product from our online catalog or an authorized Kayalu reseller, we will repair or replace a defective unit at our expense, less shipping charge. We will either repair or replace any defective, cracked or broken components (excluding batteries) resulting from normal use and activities as advertised. Repair or replacement is a service that we offer our valued customers, subject to our discretion in order to achieve the highest level of satisfaction. Products that have extreme physical damage such as a crushed Lexan lamp housing resulting from apparent misuse may not be serviced under warranty.

For Warranty service, a return shipping fee (check/money order) for $10.00 per unit ($15.00 per unit for Canadian shipments) is required.


1. return shipping fee
2. photocopy of original invoice from Kayalu or authorized Kayalu reseller
3. defective unit (in carton or box)

Ship to:

S. H. Pierce & Co. /
Attn: S. Hollinger
21 Wormwood St. #215
Boston, MA 02210

Attn: Warranty Repair/Replace / Order # _________________

Your return shipment for repair or replacement must be postmarked within one year (365 days) of the original order. If your original order was delayed in shipping as a backorder from our online catalog, we will honor the Warranty for 365 days from your receipt of the backordered units.

Your repair or replacement unit will be shipped to you within 30 days of our receipt, subject to our manufacturing schedule for components requiring replacement.

We anticipate that your experience with our products and customer service will far surpass expectations, and look forward to serving you for many years to come. Thank you for choosing Kayalu products.

S. H. Pierce & Co. /
617 338-2222
Boston, Massachusetts

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