photo by Frode Wiggen, Senja Norway
Kayalite quote by Greg Stamer. photo by Freya Hoffmeister
Kayalu Kayalite kayak light Kayalu RAM Power Locking Suction camera mount Kayalu Backwater Combo Navigation Light Pack Kayalu Clawpole clamp mount for GoPro Hero

360° Light

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Our patented, premium marine-grade portable night navigation light for kayak, canoe, sit-on-top, dinghy, surf ski, and stand-up paddle board. Rugged, reliable and affordable.


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Geared for the serious paddler, Kayalu takes
RAM suction-cup technology to a new level with our marine-grade accessories and aerodynamic assemblies.

Combo Pack


We've bundled our most popular night navigation lights in a single pack, at a cost savings. Includes Kayalite, R25 handheld torch, Navlite red/green bow light and eyebolt kit.

Versatile Clamp


Our tall, industrial grade clamp mount grips round rails, square rails and edge of surfaces. Includes Toughbar extension, RAM Tough-Claw and two spring-loaded coupler arms for easy articulation.

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Kayalite kayak light video kayak roll
Kayalu Kayalite and R25 Kayak Light Pro Paddler Combo
Kayalite-SUP light for stand-up paddleboards Kayalu Radpole Multipurpose camera mount and kayak light Toughbar RAM Mounts extension arm Kayalu Suckerpod Suction-cup tripod


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We've adapted our premium high-visibility Kayalite light for secure attachment to stand-up paddleboards. Secures to SUP leash plug, FCS fin plug, D-ring and much more.

Radpole™ Multi-Purpose Mount
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The sleek Radpole is an all-in-one pole mount for camera and video gear, navigation light, RAM fishing rod holders and more. Lightweight aluminum, made in the USA.

extensions for
RAM Mounts

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The aerodynamic Kayalu Toughbar® is the only stainless steel and aluminum extension arm compatible with all of your existing RAM Mount assemblies.

Suction Tripod
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The world's first marine-grade tripod with three long legs and RAM Mounts power-locking suction-cup feet. Sucks to a kayak deck or airplane wing — even upside-down in your shark tank.

Kayalu Backwater Explorer Kayak Light with Kayak Running Lights
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YakBastard kayak clamp and boat gunwale clamp Kayalu AkaMount camera and video rail mount ParkerMount extension arm mounts RAM Mounts camera mount for Scotty base

Kayak Clamp

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YakBastard clamp can host an extension arm and your camera, GPS, navigation light and more. 100% marine-grade aluminum and stainless steel structural components!

for rails & akas
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AkaMounts are rail mounts for camera, video, GPS, navigation lights, easily secured to rails, pipes, tubes, bike and motorcycle handlebars, wheelchairs, etc.
And of course,
Hobie akas.

Bolted Base

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The Kayalu ParkerMount is a multi-jointed, stainless steel extension arm hosting your camera, video, GPS, headlight & marine gear. Its base is bolted or riveted to your yak!


The ultimate in rugged, portable, stable tripods for all of your outdoor gear. The Claws-All hosts cameras, fishfinders, laptops, navlights and more on a RAM Mounts
B, C or D ball.

Yakbastard kayak clamp and boat/canoe gunwale clamp
Kayalu Navbeam headlight and navigation beam Kayalu Kayacam camera mount for GoPro Hero/Hero2/Hero3 cameras Kayalu RAM Power Locking Suction camera mount Surfpole heavy-duty gear pole


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Rugged portable, submersible headlight casts a narrow beam for navigating dark passages and avoiding branches and obstructions. Available with a variety of mounts.

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Portable camera mount for boat, canoe, kayak and auto. Requires only a single point of attachment for its clip-on tensioning cable. Highly innovative alternative to suction mount.


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We accessorized RAM Mounts power-locking suction mounts for cameras, iphone, binocs, GPS, fishfinder and more. Now available with our Toughbar® extension arm!

Gear Pole

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The Kayalu Surfpole is a heavy-duty multipurpose gear pole built to support heavy payloads including your professional camera head, GPS, Apple iPad, tablet and notepad computers.

Kayalu Kayalite kayak light on Cetus Ocean Kayak
Contour-adapting Suction Mount RAM Mounts camera mount for Scotty base GoPro Adaptor for RAM Mounts Kayalu Mounts for Davis Windex 10


Kayalu's triple suction mounts include legs and power-locking
suction feet capable of mating and holding tight to a contoured deck!

Camera Mounts for your
Scotty® base!

We're developing an uncompromisingly
robust line of gear mounts for your existing Scotty® base. Ruggedized using fiberglass composite and stainless steel, yet incredibly affordable.

GoPro® Hero
360° Adaptor

Our new fiber composite GoPro® Hero adaptor is compatible with all Kayalu gear mounts and multi-purpose mounting systems.
Loss-proof, unbreakable — and incredibly versatile.

Mounts for
Davis Windex 10
Wind Vane

Secure a portable wind vane on your deck or windshield with a Kayalu mount for the popular Davis Windex 10 vane!

Kayalu SuckerPod suction-cup tripod camera mount
GoPro Hero Extension Arm Kayalu Kayaball with a Garmin GPS on a Northwest Kayak Kayalu R25 Electric Torch and Kayak Light Stainless steel eyebolt kit for kayaks

GoPro® Hero
Extension Arm

Constructed of rugged RAM Mounts components and our own marine-grade hardware, this unique ball-joint extension extends the reach and range of Hero cameras atop GoPro's own mounts and bases!

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The Kayaball is a portable do-it-yourself alternative to a suction mount, compatible with RAM's couplers and device cradles for GPS, iphone, iPod and much more.

R25™ Torch
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The Kayalu R25™ is a portable, waterproof 360° flashlight, ideal for use by paddlers and boaters as an electric torch to provide visibility. Submersible to 1000 feet (300 m) below sea level.


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Extra, extra! Our $9.95 stainless steel Eyebolt Kit is corrosion-proof and even includes a drill bit. Visit our Extras catalog for replacement parts, adaptors and much, much more.

Kayalu Radpole multipurpose gear mount
Kayalite used on RNLI sea search and rescue (SAR) exercises
About Kayalu Gear
Iconicx American Hardware  In addition to manufacturing Kayalu outdoor gear, our company is an authorized reseller of RAM Mounting Systems and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of Tektite Industries.

Rugged, reliable and affordable.

kayak light with jam cleat and tension cable

Simply put, our success depends entirely on providing products of incomparable quality. All Kayalu masts are custom constructed using high-grade ABS, Lexan and composite polymers, saltwater resistant nylon bungee cabling, stainless steel hardware, resilient EVA foam cushioning and a plated steel breech clip fastener.

More about Kayalu patent-pending technology...

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